Local Marketing and Entity-Based SEO with BeLocal

Elevate your local presence, rank highly in AI-powered results and connect with your community.


Understanding Entity-Based SEO

All About Context

Entity-based SEO relies on context – connecting the dots between what your business does, where it is located, and whom it serves. This approach is especially crucial in an era dominated by AI-powered and voice searches, where accurate and contextual information is key.

The Local Marketing Advantage

Using the BeLocal platform, our entity-based SEO strategies help search engines understand your company’s context and expertise, significantly improving  visibility in relevant local searches. These SEO strategies are not reliant on keywords, but on understanding and highlighting the unique aspects of your local business.

Our Local Marketing Services Include:

Structured Data Management

Ensure that your business information is structured and consistent across all platforms—Google Maps, Apple Maps, Facebook, in-car navigation and more.

Review Management

Online reviews are a cornerstone of local SEO. Our team helps manage and leverage these reviews to boost your local reputation and search rankings.

Local SEO Optimization

From optimizing your website and all of your listings with structured data for local searches to creating locally relevant content, we cover all aspects of local SEO.

Refine Your Local Presence

Get started with a one-on-one consultation to evaluate your local marketing goals and how we can improve your results with BeLocal.